My cars

MINI 850

My first car was a racing green MINI 850.
Bought it in 1971.

Lots of fun with this "toy".
Together with a schoolfriend we drove to France
with my Mini and came back with something bigger, an old CitroŽn. Read the story

This was my second car. The 3 cylinder 2-stroke SAAB.

After this SAAB I had two other SAAB's 96 with the Ford V4 engine.

The 12-90-VU I drove till juli 1982. Then I bought a 1977 dark red one and had it until March 1989

In aug 1978 I bought a CitroŽn oldtimer in France.
Here we are on our way back with the Saab (12-90-VU)
and the CitroŽn 11BL 1955 to the Netherlands.